7 The Magical, Amazing and Popular Number Seven David Eastis   It all comes back to 7
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7 exerts a strong pull on the human psyche.

In school, we learn that our planet has 7 continents and a rainbow 7 colors.

John Elway was named the greatest athlete to wear #7 by Sports IllustratedMost people know about Snow White and the 7 dwarfs, the 7 wonders of the world and the world's most popular spy-- James Bond 007!

Look around you and the number 7 emerges everywhere, in obvious as well as in many hidden, mysterious ways. You know that a week has 7 days, but did you know that each relates to 1 of 7 gods? What about the fact that the entire musical scale consists of only 7 notes? Or that most ladybugs have 7 spots on their wings? There is more to the number 7 than meets the eye.

The simple digit expressed with one rightward and one downward stroke-the numeral 7 -is deceptively alluring.

Dice showing 7Millions of people consider the number 7 influential in their lives. It has spiritual connotations in the major religions. When Jesus was asked by St. Peter how many times we should forgive others, He replied 70 times 7.

The array of star athletes such as John Elway, Mickey Mantle, Kevin Johnson, Chris Redman and Cristiano Ronaldo who gained fame while wearing jersey number 7 is nothing less than spectacular.

7 sells. Millions every day enjoy 7-11, 7-UP, 7 generations Eco-friendly products, 7 jeans, Kashi 7 grain foods, Seagrams 7, the 7.4 sports drink,  Jack Daniels No. 7 whiskey, 7 Zins and 7x7 magazine.

Add to that the cosmic connections to the number 7 like that 7 heavenly bodies are visible to the naked eye-and the magical overtones of the number 7 become readily apparent.

Check out David Eastis' two books which reveal many secrets of the most popular number.

From sports and science to religion and pop culture, the range of 7's presence is never-ending....... you'll realize it all comes back to 7

home of 7 power of 7 7 chapter highlights reviews of 7 order 7 7 blog 7 news